There are number of challenging Himalayan peaks in Himachal Pradesh. Based on the technical difficulties the peaks are divided under following 2 categories.
1 Trekking Peaks
Between 5000 mtr to 6000 mtr. The climbers will need basic mountaineering experience
2 Peaks above 6000 meters
The climbers has to have good experience in Rock Climbing and Ice Climbing techniques
Some of the prominent and challenging peaks located in Himachal Pradesh are:
i)     Hanuman Tibba 5843 mtr
ii)    Deo Tibba 6001 mtr
iii)   Kullu Pumori 6553 mtr
iv)   Mulkila Peaks 6000 to 6517 mtr  (M-Series: M1 to M10)
v)    Reo Pargial 6816 mtr
vi)   C-B groups of peaks 6000 to 6300 mtr (CB1 to CB58)
vii)  Bara Shinghri parbat 6526 mtr
viii) Manthosa 6443 mtr
ix)  White Sail 6455 mtr
x)   Mani Rang 6593 mtr
xi)  Ganstang 6200 mtr
xii) Central Peak 6285 mtr
Note a)  Good climbing experience required and duration will be two or three weeks
b)  Peak climbing clearance through Indian Mountaineering Foundation
can be arranged by the ABVIMAS
c)  Para gliding and river rafting can also be organised for the participants
depending upon the season
d)  Duration is May to October

Alpine and Cross Country Skiing:

Duration As per requirements
Period January to June
Package Complete package with boarding, lodging, instructor, camping and equipment etc.